01-26-20 Vespers


Synaxis of  the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia


At "Lord, I Call", sing the stichera verses (4) for the Resurrection in Tone 7.  

Then the following stichera (3) for the New Martyrs in Tone 5.

Rejoice, new martyrs and confessors of Russia, the adornment of the Orthodox.  Lambs of the new slaughter, fellow warriors, and guardians of the faith, blameless intercessors for us with God in the latter years, who in your sufferings appear as emulators of the first martyrs; O unshakeable pillars of patient endurance,// entreat God that our souls be granted great mercy.

Rejoice, O glorious passion-bearers!  Following in the steps of the martyrs of old, you contended firmly for the sake of the faith, in the cruel and grievous times of your land.  And now you rouse all to the glory and praise of God, Who strengthened your weaknesses and has enriched you with gifts of the Spirit.// Ever pray for the salvation of our souls.

O heavenly protectors, come to us who await the visitation of your prayer, and deliver us from danger caused by the madness of unbelievers; for which we are often pursued like prisoners and outcasts, moving from place to place and wandering in caves and mountains.  Have compassion, O all-praised martyrs and confessors, and grant us relief!  Pacify the storm and extinguish the hostility towards us,// praying to God Who through you grants to our land great mercy.

Then the following stichera (3) for the New Martyrs in Tone 6.

O longsuffering archpastor, Father Tikhon, in a time of terrible godless persecutions, comforting the true children of the Church of Russia, with courage thou didst bear the task of standing up for Christ and the Orthodox faith; and, dying day by day for the sake of thy pastoral service, thou wast revealed as a steadfast confessor.// For this, we lovingly glorify thee.

O true shepherd, Hieromartyr Vladimir, when lawless men compelled thee to depart from overseeing the Church of Russia, thou didst remain faithful in deed and word to Hierarch Tikhon.  Like a holy sacrifice from Kiev, the mother of Russian cities, thou didst offer thyself to God, praying for those who were slaying thee.// For this, we willingly glorify thee.

O Hieromartyr Benjamin, as a true son of Christ’s Church, and having heartfelt zeal for her welfare, thou didst bravely take a stand against the false shepherds who were striving to steal thy flock, but not fearing the threats and false testimony of the interrogators, thou didst turn the judgment back upon the head of those who tested thee; and then, by thy death, thou didst strengthen Orthodoxy.// For this we willingly glorify thee.

After “Glory...” in Tone 5 (New Martyrs) 

O most high Master, glorified and worshipped in Trinity, take pity on us by the acceptable prayers of your new martyrs, who in the presence of tyrants boldly confessed Thee, the One God, and Thine ineffable saving incarnation, O Son of God, from a Virgin Mother.  

After “Now and ever…” the Dogmatic in Tone 7. 

No tongue can speak of thy wonderful childbearing, for the order of nature was overruled by God.  Thou wast revealed to be a mother above nature, for thou didst remain a virgin beyond reason and understanding.  Thy conception was most glorious, O Theotokos!  The manner of thy giving birth was ineffable, O Virgin!  Knowing thee to be the Mother of God, devoutly we pray to thee:  "Beseech Him to save our souls!"

At the Aposticha, sing the verses for the Resurrection in Tone 7. 

After “Glory...” in Tone 2 (New Martyrs)

O new house of Ephratha, splendid and elect region, O holy Russia, guard the Orthodox faith, in which is thy confirmation and support.

After “Now and ever…” in Tone 8 (Theotokion/New Martyrs)

O marvelous wonder; the Queen of heaven and earth, who has been entreated by the saints of our land, has until now sheltered the Russian land, tenderly enriching the choir of its people.  O mighty sovereign Lady, cease not to pray for confirmation of the Orthodox faith in Rus’// and to pour out wonders forever.  Amen.

Resurrectional Troparion, Tone 7  

By Thy Cross, Thou didst destroy death!  To the thief, Thou didst open Paradise!  For the myrrhbearers, Thou didst change weeping into joy!  And Thou didst command Thy disciples, O Christ God, to proclaim that Thou art risen, granting the world great mercy!

Troparion, Tone 4 (New Martyrs)

Today the Church of Russia joyfully forms a chorus, praising her new martyrs and confessors; hierarchs and priests, royal passion-bearers, right-believing princes and princesses, venerable men and women, and all Orthodox Christians.  Having laid down their life for faith in Christ during the days of godless persecution, they preserved the truth by the shedding of blood.// By their protection, O long-suffering Lord, preserve our land in Orthodoxy till the end of the age.

Resurrectional Theotokion, Tone 4 

The mystery of all eternity, unknown even by angels, through thee, Theotokos, is revealed to those on earth:  God incarnate, by union without confusion.  He voluntarily accepted the Cross for us, by which He resurrected the first-created man,// saving our souls from death.

××× –—˜™š›œš›™˜—– ØØØ

Today we commemorate the Synaxis of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia.  On the Sunday closest to January 25, the Church commemorates the Synaxis of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, remembering all those Orthodox Christians who suffered for Christ at the hands of the godless Soviets during the years of persecution. These include the royal Passion Bearers Tsar Nicholas II and his family, and the Grand Duchess Elizabeth. Countless thousands of martyrs, both clergy and laity also suffered, some of whose names are known, as well as millions of simple believers whose names have been lost to history.

It is estimated that the number of the New Martyrs of Russia, who were glorified by the Russian Orthodox Church at the Jubilee Council of 2000, far exceeds that of all the martyrs who died for Christ during the first three centuries of Christianity. The Russian Church lost millions of its sons and daughters, not only at the hands of external enemies, but also those of their own country. Among those who were murdered and tortured in the years of persecution were countless Orthodox: laity, monks, priests, and bishops, whose only “crime” was their unshakable faith in God.

In the long history of the world, never have so many new heavenly intercessors been glorified by the Church in such a way (more than one thousand New Martyrs were numbered among the saints). Among those who suffered for their faith were some who labored in America before the Russian Revolution: St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia (April 7); St. Alexander Hotovitzky (Dec. 4); St. John Kochurov (Oct. 31).



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